Goth Homes and Gardens

From the Editor:


Hey everyone.  Things are crazy here, but those are just excuses.  I'm excited to tell you that we have some projects we are working on and will be posting soon.  Instead of keeping things in a monthly format, I'll just post articles as I get them finished.  We've also opened an etsy shop where you can purchase some of the items we feature for your own home.  And if you're coming from The Necronomnomnomicon, welcome!  Be sure and follow us on Facebook, Instagram (@gothhomesandgardens) for the latest updates.




Goth Homes and Gardens is a monthly (usually) updated web publication featuring goth and gothic home decor.  From studio apartments to mansions;, we try to find inspiration for your decor.  Whether you are looking for Victorian romance, baroque, sleek and modern minimalism, or a touch of steampunk, , we'll bring you the style you want without  spending a fortune.  We have articles on DIY home fashions, home improvement, your garden and other outdoor spaces, and even your pets.  Whether you are goth, gothic, or like to live life a little on the dark side, we hope you'll find something here you like.